Who We Are

Fabian Diaz, Andres Ortega, and Sean Hubbard are the owner-operators of The Classic Movers. Unlike with most moving companies, clients who work with The Classic Movers are in direct contact with the owners throughout their experience. Being in direct contact with our clients plays a key role in making sure that a professional yet personable experience is delivered. Below is a glimpse as to what people can expect from us.
  •  The Red Carpet Treatment (literally) 

These red  runners are used in high traffic areas to protect your floors. The runners are made out of a synthetic rubber that adheres to any surface for everyone’s safety while keeping the floors protected and clean.
  • Shrink Wrap (to wrap or not to wrap)
Shrink Wrap is a commonly used product in the moving industry, but moving companies use it differently. We use shrink wrap on all of your upholstered items. We make sure that all items are delivered to your new home as clean as they were when they left your previous home. 
Some moving companies will use shrink wrap on every piece of furniture you own.  We don’t for two reasons:
  1. Shrink Wrap does not protect wood or glass from damage. This is why we use moving pads. We carry an ample supply to insure your belongings are properly protected.
  2. Time & Cost. The time spent wrapping unnecessary items can be costly.
The only time we will shrink wrap a wooden piece of furniture is if it is necessary to add sturdiness to a piece to ensure a safe move. Shrink Wrap is complementary and will never be added as a cost in the final bill.
  • Wardrobe Boxes ($12 a box!?)

Don’t go out to purchase $12 boxes you’ll only use once! As a courtesy to our clients we bring six  24’’ wardrobe boxes in our 24' trucks & four 24" wardrobes in our 18' trucks to all of our jobs. They can be used to pack hanging clothes, bedding, pillows, or any other last minute knick knacks in your closet. 

  • Long-hauls and Elevator Jobs (the Gondola Box)
Do you live on the 4th floor about 60 yards away from the elevator? Most moving companies will cringe at the thought and start using more workers (costing you more money).  That is where our Gondola Boxes come in. A Gondola Box is a large box that sits above one of our 4-wheel dollies.  The Gondola Box will hold many boxes, chairs, cushions, small tables, etc.  Before you know it one man is moving what may normally take 2-4 movers. Efficiency is the key for an economical move.

  • Personability
We understand that letting someone into your home and allowing then to handle your personal belonging is not simple and can add stress to the move. Customer service is one of our top priorities.  We understand that concerns will vary from client to client.  We make ourselves available to ease each client's individual concerns. As a locally owned and operated company you can be sure that you will always be dealing with the owners who sincerely care about your move.