Becoming an Informed Consumer

Consumers of any in-home service should spend some time researching information regarding regulations and processes to avoid scams. The horror stories relating to moving companies often occur because of a lack of information and initiative in part of the consumer. Become an informed consumer by researching the links provided.

The Licensing Process 

Aside from regulating the electric, water, and  railroad systems, the California Public Utilities Commission, CPUC, also regulates all moving companies doing business within California. Moving companies must go through an extensive application process that includes a criminal background check, written examination, and proof of adequate insurance coverage including liability, cargo, and workers compensation. Anyone has access to check the license standing of any moving company. Follow the link below to learn more.

State of California Department of Justice

The state of California department of justice provides a user friendly  snapshot of things clients should look for when working with California movers. Do your self a favor and take a few minutes to read through their advice.